• 1. Innovation details-guide

    This document shows up the correct format an innovation project proposal should look like. Provide in-depth justification have it signed by the hub representative.

  • 2. Expression of Interest (EOI)-Guide

    Expression of interest document should be presented in formart outlined in this document. Provide an overview of your innovation and state your position towards further development

  • 3. Non-Disclosure Agreement Form

    Download this document and have it completed and signed by yourself and any known witness

  • 4. MSUIIC-Guide

    Pay carefull attention in every section indicated in this guide. All the sections must be completed with only one reference model.

  • 5. Project Timeline - Guide

    This is a generic MSU HUB Gantt Chart formart. Download this excell document and have it completed all the sections to at least development stage.

  • 6. Innovation Final Design

    This is a guideline on how the innovation final design should look like. Provide all the information as requested in this guide and any additional literature relevant.



In line with the call by the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe, MSU HUB invest in research and innovations for the attainement of Education 5.0 to reach sustainable economic development. We GIVE FUNDS to support innovations ideally with the goal to bring up Industrialization & Enterpreneurship.