Call for Applications

The MSU Innovation Hub is looking for innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs that are working on novel technologies that will improve the efficiency of economic growth, increase the competitiveness of the local economy and enhance the quality of life of ordinary citizens. Categories include but not limited to Science & Technology, Commerce, Minerals and Material Engineering, And Natural Resources Management.

* Please refer to the guideline on the left side which entails vital procedures and preparations necessary for your incubation application.

Potential innovators will share in seed funding and cash prizes, as well as receive incubation services with technical and business mentors, intellectual property lawyers and access to The Innovation Hub’s network of industry and government partners.

Help Line (+263) (054) 222 3523

Steps to apply for Incubation

All innovations and researches that have potential to addresses local economic challenges and adare to uphold the spirit of our curriculum will be considered for upscaling to reach commercial production levels.

Assuming that the innovator have conducted a detailed research on whatever innovation of his/her interest, proof of concept should be demonstrated to the respective faculty where the technical aspect of the innovation belongs. This stage should be accomplished through submission of a concept note with justification and defence of a research/working prototype before the faculty Research Committees.

Once approvals are made at this stage, the Innovator/Researcher should prepare and submit the following Incubation Application documents to the MSU HUB for our consideration.

Documents required are:

o Project Proposal

o Approvals from Dpt & Faculty or Hub Committee (Minutes from meetings)

o Expression of Interest (EOI)

o Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement Form

o Innovation For Incubation Document

o Project Timeline (with Gantt Chart)

o Innovation Final Design

Click here to download guidlines on how to compile some these documents using Hub specific format.


In line with the call by the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe, MSU HUB invest in research and innovations for the attainement of Education 5.0 to reach sustainable economic development. We providing FUNDING to support innovations ideally with the goal to bring up Industrialization & Enterpreneurship.

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